O'z Aloqa Konsulting

Today Tuesday

21 May 2019

About us

Limited Liability Company«O’zAloqaKonsalting» was established in 2003. At first «O’zAloqaKonsalting LLC was created for rendering different consulting services to the subjects in sphere communication and informatizations. Together with that the company tries to develop its business, increase spectrum of the services and sphere to activity, get out on new market. Today aside from subject of the sphere communication and informatizations main our partners and the clients also are a state structures, different ministry and department, commercial organizations.

At present, the facilities "UZALOKAKONSALTING"LLC became more complex, that allows to the full to satisfy the requests a customers and render the assistance and consultations on different questions. The Main advantage services of "UZALOKAKONSALTING"LLC are a professional experience, the individual approach to each project with provision for specifics of activity of the business of the client and using the varied forms cooperation depending on wish client.

Consulting services to companies - in the first place, skilled help in decision of the different questions, in accordance with development politicians, preparation projects, choice technology and supplier, analysis market and services, estimation to cost-performance and etc. Here with given help turns out to be the professional specialists, having experience. Also of no small importance is an execution of all requirements legislation and normative-legal acts when performing different design, building and expert works. This is a main requirement by "UZALOKAKONSALTING". We always try to co-operate with clients and justify their waiting.